Infrastructure Solutions Group understands the unqiue needs of industrial facilities. From safety and quality to environmental concerns, we leverage our deep expertise to deliver on time and on budget solutions.


Keep your operations moving with our maintenance and repair services for capital projects, shut downs, and turnarounds. We support your critical infrastructure including transformers, panels, switchgear, lighting, motors, raceways, and power cabling systems just to name a few.


Performing with precision is key to success in any business but an absolute necessity for industrial applications. We provide an array of instrumentation services like calibration, specification checks, process tubing, PLC, and junctions to help our clients achieve success with confidence.


Our highways and roadways keep us connected and provide the critical infrastructure needed for our communities to thrive. Let us help you light the way to the future and ensure our roads stay safe.

Smart Traffic Systems

Connect drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians with our intelligent traffic management systems that control the lights and timing with smart sensors. Let us show you how to simplify your traffic management while decreasing the human intervention required.

Roadway Lighting

Roadway lighting is critical for growing cities and communities. Besides improving visibility, lighting ensures safer places for community members and protects pedestrians and cyclists. Let us help you build a sense of security and confidence on the road at night.

Fiber Networks

Infrastructure Solutions Group provides reliable fiber optic and low voltage communication systems that keep you connected. Let our experts design, build, and maintain the networks that drive your success.


Your safety is our top priority, that's why we provide an array of physical security solutions like access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance. We also protect your data by designing, building, and securing LAN/WAN and WiFi networks.


We understand your ability to communicate is a mission critical tool no matter the industry. We install industrial strength communication platforms like VOIP, NurseCall, public announcement (PA) systems as well as distributed antenna systems (DAS)

Smart Energy

At Infrastructure Solutions Group we believe that wind and solar farms will power the future. We have the expertise to guide cities, communities, and industries on a path to green energy solutions.


Let us enable you to harness the power of the sun and deliver low-cost, clean energy solutions that reduce your carbon footprint. We provide reliable and affordable solar energy solutions that lower our impact on the environment by providing electricity to meet demand during peak hours.


Wind energy is rapidly accelerating the clean energy transformation that is taking place globally, and it will be the centerpiece of the clean energy economy for decades to come. Use our in-depth knowledge and expertise to install and maintain your wind turbines throughout their lifecycle.